PEACE NOT WAR NEW YORK after 9.11 (English version)

Directed by Emiko Aono, Produced by Video Juku

On September 11, 2001, some moments after the attack, I happened to be standing by the World Trade Center. During the following month, I continued to take the video of grassroots-New Yorkers converging to the Union Square to express their grief and anger which gradually emerged as one powerful voice against any violent response. This video is the documentary of grassroots-people.

This is Union Square in Manhattan, New York City. After the terrorists' attack on September eleventh, people posted signs of their missing loved ones here.

People opposed to the war took to the streets. News of this grass roots activism spread through the independent media network and the internet. The headline "Union Square Memorial Shut Down" appeared on the front page of the independent news. The City removed the memorials at night, fearing they would become a symbol of the antiwar movement.